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Due to some Covid Restrictions still in place, there will be no parking on the premises, there is a lay-by just at the bottom of the hill or alternatively, parking on the road opposite no 12 - without wheels on the footpath please.  

Pupils are to arrive no more than 5-10mins before their class  ‘Beach ready’  ie, swim wear on under their clothes;  enter the water within approx 5mins; have the 30min lesson and then exit the pool;  please dry off and get dressed quickly, exiting the premises within 10mins.  NB no showering at this time.

If you intend to use talcum powder, please put a towel on the floor and/or remove from the tiles to leave the changing room as you found it.

NB Please take any used Nappies or any any other empty drinks cartons or sweet wrappers/rubbish home with you, thank you.

There are 2 Changing Rooms with space to change on the pool side for another Families.

For Adults, there will be a 30min space between Clients allowing for 1 full hour in the water, but again no showering/shampoos/gels to be used.

Please print off and sign the slip at the bottom of the confirmation page included and bring along to the 1st Lesson..  NB  No Child will be permitted into the water without the signed confirmation/permission slip.

Please bear with us as we navigate this new normal.  Attached is the Risk Assessment carried out for your safety.

Looking forward to Teaching your Child/Children to enjoy the water and become competent Swimmers,

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