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My Classes are more of a ’Skills School’ and are divided into 3 Levels,
consisting of one 30min Lesson over 10 weeks, Term Time.

  • Beginners learn Water Confidence and Breast Stroke, swimming from 5-50/100m and achieving Swim Levels from 1-3.

  • Improvers* learn Front and Back Crawl, with Deep Water work & Treading Water, swimming between 50m-200m and Swim Levels from 3-7.

  • Advanced Level introduces Butterfly and Tumble Turns along with ‘fine tuning’ the other strokes, swimming from 400m to 800/1000m of each of the strokes, achieving Levels from 8 up to Pre Competition. 

*Please note there are 2 levels in the Improvers so little ones, with either a fear initially or no previous lessons may need to repeat this level to build up their stamina and distance prior to the Advanced Level. 


Swim Camps

Swim Camps

These consist of a 5 day course with 2x30min Classes per day for Kiddies.

Adults Courses

Adult Courses

Beginners Classes consist of 4 x 1 hour lessons which will help Pupils overcome any Fear of Water and learn the Breast Stroke.

Improvers Classes consist of 3-4 x 1 hour Lessons covering Front and Back Crawl and Deep Water Work. 

Suitable for general fitness Athletes and/or for rehab for injuries.

Female Swimmer

Swim Holidays - Staycation and Honeymoon Couples.

Swim Holidays - Staycation and Honeymoon Couples.

Learn to swim over a few days, 4 x 60min lessons over 3-5 days, accommodation close by.

Virtual Swimming Classes

Virtual Swimming Classes

Join this class, where I will teach you virtually, ie, if you have your own pool and someone to assist with a camera/phone etc.

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Dates & Times

Children classes are held on Monday and Thursday Afternoons, from 2-6pm with Special Arrangements for Friday &/or Saturdays.

Adult Classes are fitted around the Kiddies, with the first of 2x1hr lessons within a couple of days of each other, the 3rd the following week, with the 4th after

some personal practice.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally asked Questions; if you have a specific query, please email me.

Have you worked with any professional athletes?

I trained/tutored Bethany Firth's Coach

How are you different from other Teachers/Coaches?

I teach people to 'Swim Quickly'!!  Kiddies in 10x30min Classes and Adults in 4x1hr Sessions. I specialise in Eliminating the Fear Adults may have during the first lesson.

What age range do you teach?

I start with little ones from about 4yrs up to 10/11yrs; then from 12yrs up to retirees!

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