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Health & Safety - Child Protection

  • Phones/IPads/Camera/Photographs: ALL TO REMAIN OFF for the duration of the class. Due to Swim Ireland’s Child Protection Policy, NO PHOTOGRAPHS are to be taken when Children are in Swim Wear - NO EXCEPTIONS!! NB - Please relay to ANYONE ELSE who may be bringing the Children.

  • Access:  No responsibility will be taken for any incidents which may occur outside the Pool Hall, or for any tems of personal property.

  • Hygiene:  Please ensure your Child/Children use the toilet & wash their hands prior to entering the Pool.  There is one toilet between the Changing Rooms - please remember to ‘unlock’ both doors after use.  If Babies need changing, nappies are NOT to be put down the toilet but taken away.

  • Swimwear:  Girls:  a one-piece swimsuit would be preferable, as the top of a 2-piece can ride up.  Boys:  proper swim trunks are preferable as shorts catch the water, cause drag, and are generally too loose around the waist.

  • Goggles/Caps: All pupils are required to wear caps & goggles. Some of the cheaper makes of goggles are unsafe as they may be ill-fitting & liable to cause an eye injury.  If your Child/Children already use goggles, please ask me about their suitability.  I will have Speedo Junior Goggles available to purchase, which once fitted need no more adjusting, at the cost of £20, and caps for £4.00.

  • ‘Hands-on Teaching’:  It may be necessary to use ‘Hands-on teaching’ to correct/perfect stroke technique, to hold attention and/or assist with learning to ‘jump in’.

  • Awards Evening:  This is an evening celebrating your Child/Children’s Achievements in the pool, when a Special Guest will present Certificates attained. This is an extremely important part of their whole Swimming Experience & will be held May/June 2022. If unable to to attend, please make alternative arrangements to collect your Child’s/Children’s Awards as soon as possible. afterwards.

  • Directions:  The address is 12 Harmony Hill, Lisburn, BT27 4EP. The pool is situated down the steps to the right of the Front Door.  It is the 2nd glass panel just before the lawn.

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