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D Aiken

Hi Adrienne, just wanted to wright a review to express how happy I was with your teaching of Zach’s swimming. 
Zach went to his first lesson nervous with zero confidence. As each week passed his confidence grew and grew and this was because of your patience and your teaching techniques. This proved to work wonders and Zach didnt look back. It was no time until the arm bands where gone. 
On the final day of his 10week course he said he wanted to swim 100metres breast stroke and he did just that. I was so proud and you were equally as proud! 
Zach loved your classes so we continued on another 2x10 week sessions. Again Zach really excelled and his confidence grew each week all thanks to you. Many thanks for all you work and patience. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

D Aiken

Jill Spence

I cannot recommend Adrienne highly enough!! Due to us owning a boat business I was keen to start my daughter Victoria swimming from an early age.  I remember the first time she was in the pool for a lesson with Adrienne she had to have a ring as well as Arm Bands, because she was so small her feet didn't touch the bottom of the pool! 

Adrienne had Victoria swimming a full length of the pool at 3 years of age!  Adrienne also focused on developing the children's character outside of the pool and held end of term Achievement Award Ceremonies which did wonders for Victoria's confidence. 

Fast forward 6 years and Victoria's love of the water,  instilled by Adrienne,  has not diminished one bit. She now swims in the Aqua Squad for Leander Swimming Club and trains on a weekly basis. 

I am happy for this endorsement to be used on the company website

Jill Spence

This is Jemma’s Story: Background

Jemma’s Mum contacted me to see if I could help Jemma overcome her terrible fear of water that she had developed from an incident in the pool previously.  Her Dad slipped as he was getting into the pool and she accidently went under even with Arm Bands on.

This frightened her to the extent she didn’t want to go into the water at all.   

After the initial contact with Jemma, I wrote to the school requesting that she would not go into the pool without my supervision, for the interim period and I would provide an update in a few weeks. (copy attached). 

Update January 2001

Whilst planning the following summer holiday, it was Jemma requested that they stay in a Villa with a pool!!  

Card from Orlando, Florida July 2001

To Adrienne, We’re having a great time, the weather is really hot & sunny. Disne World is amazing!!  We have been to Typhoon Lagoon, that’s the Water Park where they have massive wavesin the ‘Surf Pool!’  It great to have FUN in the pool at our Villa and the Water Parks..  

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